Any time I get a reason to post Lykke Li I get excited, because it means I get to spend a little part of my day Googling Lykke Li images. This is quite possibly my favorite way to spend time. My latest excuse to sift through Lykke visuals is this remix of “I Follow Rivers.” The Oos & Ahhs take the sweet vocals of the Scandinavian songstress and throw some abrasive dubstep production in the mix.

The Oos & Ahhs strike again with a dark, hard-hitting interpretation of Lykke Li’s “I Follow Rivers”. The remix takes you on a tumultuous deep sea journey through wobbles, waves, and arpeggiators; a cold reflection of the perilous depths of infatuation.

I Follow Rivers (The Oos & Ahhs Remix) by The Oos & Ahhs