Check your watch, it’s hodge-podge o’clock.  Monster Mash is a series of direct submissions I’ve been sitting on for the past few weeks.  Rather than post them on a one off basis I thought it best to hit you with a mass slug of material to chew through all at once.  Clearly I assume you have nothing better to do on a Monday.  No working, no school.  Skip the gym.  Just sit your ass down in front of the computer and soak up this music stew.

Have a listen through what’s cooking after the jump.  Feel free to leave your questions, concerns or critiques in the box provided.  If you’re feeling a particular song or artist let me know and I’ll see if I can dig up some more material for ya.


Let’s kick this whole thing off with a little warm weather ditty.  CJ Perrin aka Corona Jack recorded “The Summertime” because he, “wanted to make a song about the summertime that people could just chill to.”  Mission accomplished.

CJ Perrin – “The Summertime” (Produced by IdLabs)


Here’s a Katy Perry x Ellie Goulding mashup.  Yum.  We’re talking “Extraterrestrial (E.T.)” meets “Starry Eyed”, and they’re mixed together very well. “Starry Eyed Extra – Terrestrial” is off I should Be Studying For Finals Vol. 1, by No Pets Allowed.  You can stream the entire thing on their SoundCloud page.

No Pets Allowed – “Starry Eyed Extra – Terrestrial”


Warm Brew is a hip-hop duo out of Venice, CA.  This is a sample we’re all familiar with and J Listed of Seven Day does nice work on production updating the soulful Billy Preston original.  “Nothin From Nothin” can be found on Warm Brew’s self titled EP which released earlier this month.

Warm Brew – “Nothin From Nothin”


These young college kids continue to impress me.  Trey Palms is a sophomore at Loyola University Maryland which makes him what, like 19?  Craziness.  For “Got The Love” producer V10 samples Florence and the Machines’ hit, “You Got The Love”.  I see this track getting mixed into a party playlist or two.  Ladies be loving it. Palms has a new mixed tape called Not Too Far Away dropping soon, so be on the look out for that.

Trey Palms – “Got The Love”


Here’s the description that came along with this track, it’s pretty straightforward.  “Recording artist and established songwriter Cardi has just released his new mixtape Dope Man. The buzz single “Dope Man” features Dawn Richard from Diddy Dirty Money and was produced by Mad Scientist.”  If you like this lead track you can catch the rest of the album for free here.

Cardi – “Dope Man” feat. Dawn (From Dirty Money)


Can anyone name a rapper from Rhode Island?  Me neither.  Well, I couldn’t before listening to “May I” from Providences’ Nino Green.  Production credit to Tech. Seeing potential in this one and hoping to hear a bit more.

Nino Green – “May I”


We’ve featured Kenton Dunson on P&P before, but Hollidayrain is new to me. Candidly the name reminds of that creepy “Chocolate Rain” song.  That’s not a flattering comparison for me to be making so luckily for all of us “Up” sounds nothing like that crap.  This is a total pop/dance/electro track, very MTV friendly.

Hollidayrain – “Up” feat. Kenton Dunson


Let’s mix in some Canadian electro.  Austra is a trio from Toronto that are signed to UK record label Domino.  Label mates include Arctic Monkeys and Junior Boys (also Canadian).  Want to bring this Canadian thing full circle?  Young Galaxy is from Vancouver.  For the record I love this track, just a fantastic dreamy feel and beautiful vocals.

Austra – “Lose It” (Young Galaxy Remix)


Mike Gray aka Air Drops has a free EP dropping tomorrow.  The first single is called JEJUNE and you can catch it below.  This track is all instrumental but has a nice full sound that you could really get lost in.  Visit his BandCamp for more info on the full release.

Air Drops – “JEJUNE”


This track came to me via Twitter.  Lou and Steve are buds, they live in Arlington, VA and they make music together.  They really like P&P as evidenced when Steve tweeted, “When me and Lou’s new song “Winning” gets on @PigsAndPlans I will be happy.  Well Steve, this one’s for you kid.  “Winning” is the first single off Louser, which is a self produced project with Lou doing the all recording, mixing, and album covers on his own.  Impressive.

Louseph Bruise Em’ – “Winning” feat. Steve Dries


Staying on the east coast, let’s have a listen to “Blister” from Richmond, VA based Chance Fischer.  He’s releasing a track per week for the month of June referring to this series as the “Month of Madness”.  According to his bio he’s only been rapping for about year but has already had opening spots for Chiddy Bang, Freddie Gibbs, Mac Miller and others.  Good thing he’s a rapper and not an MLB pitcher because a “Blister” like this would have him on the DL for at least 15 days.  (Ba dum ching)

Chance Fischer – “The Blister”


This track is going to round out the inaugural P&P Monster Mash.  Featuring a sample of Slightly Stoopid’s “Collie Man”, “It’s Gonna Be OK” is the second leak off of P-Holla’s new mixtape, which should be released soon.  This is a fairly light hearted track with a positive message.  Not a lot of that going around these days unfortunately.

P-Holla – “It’s Gonna Be OK”