I always wondered what Bradley Nowell would be up to if he was still around today. I imagine that he’d be into collaborations like this. Sublime always had the ability to go from punk rock to reggae to hip-hop, and the link-up with stoner emcee Wiz Khalifa for a reggae-influenced track is a move that few bands could pull off (other than maybe 311, who, by the way, is touring with Sublime With Rome this summer).

Ever since Brad passed, the remaining members have been struggling to really find the right way to carry on. They’ve tried new bands, Sublime cover bands, and probably a few other things that didn’t get too far off the ground, but with singer Rome Ramirez the guys have started writing new songs under the name Sublime With Rome, and it’s by far their most well-received work yet. Of course, there are people who will refuse to fuck with anything named Sublime without Bradley involved, but judge for yourself – Sublime With Rome’s debut album drops July 12.

Hit the jump to hear “Can You Feel It” featuring Wiz Khalifa courtesy of MTV Buzzworthy