I’ve had to resist (drunk) blogging about The Killers on many, many occasions. The Las Vegas band was probably the first thing I listened to of my own accord that wasn’t hip-hop and I’ve been pretty obsessed ever since. All 3 of their albums are great and, while they do have a lot of mainstream success, I feel like they’re perennially underrated on the critical side of things. The Killers are dope, and I love them.

After a couple months (years?) where the band “took a break” and it potentially looked like they might not release more music, they debuted a new song live last night. It’s called “The Rising Tide” and sounds like a cross between the music on Sam’s Town and Day & Age. Brandon Flowers has his American rock ‘n’ roll frontman persona down, and the instrumentals lean towards the synthier side of things. I think I like it. Check the video after the jump.


note: this is by no means a guarantee you will never see a drunk Killers post from Midas.