Skratch Bastid is a master at blending and remixing. No amateur mash-up shit here. Check out his latest.

Wu-Tang Clan’s uptempo classic meets the Distant Relatives banger. Fast rap with a driving beat sure to fill up the dancefloor and please rap fans and rug-cutters alike. A remix taken from Skratch Bastid’s forthcoming mixtape “The Entertainer”.

As We Enter the Gravel Pit – Wu-Tang Clan, Nas & Damien Marley (Skratch Bastid Blend) by Skratch Bastid

And I guess I should include the new Wu-Tang song. Well, it’s kind of new Wu-Tang. It’s part of the upcoming Legendary Weapons album, out June 28th. The project features new music from the Wu-Tang members, but seems like more of a collaborative thing than a true Wu-Tang album. “Only The Rugged Survive” features RZA.

Wu-Tang Clan – “Only The Rugged Survive”