Producer Brenton Duvall has pulled off some insane mash-ups, excellent remixes, and his production always incorporates a wide array of interesting samples and sounds. It kind of makes one think, what the hell is Brenton Duvall listening to?

Obvious next move: ask. So I did, and here is what he had to say.

Clams Casino – “I’m God”

Clams Casino is definitely doing the coolest shit in music and hip hop right now. I can’t even think of how to describe these chilled out sample heavy beats except to say that they are the definition of rare and based.


OnCue – “Feet Tall”

I always had respect for OnCue before I met him. he was constantly getting pigeonholed into the whole college whiteboy rapper scene but he was so different than that. Dude has a CRAZY voice and can write a verse that actually means something. When I went to his studio in Brooklyn to work on some stuff in June, he played me some of the stuff off his next mixtape Can’t Wait and I was blown away. I promise you, OnCue is going to be a HUGE star.


Hit the jump for the other three picks…

Andy Gibb – “Shadow Dancing”

Last week I played a late show at the Brooklyn Bowl. Before I DJ’ed there was a heavy metal beegees tribute band. They were…interesting. Made me forget what the original Bee Bees sound like, so I had to go refresh my memory with some disco jams. “Shadow Dancing” is one of the coolest songs ever!


Neon Hitch – “Cooler Than Me (Sia vs Mike Posner Remix Mashup)”

A little diddy from last year that kind of went unnoticed but is so awesome. “Breathe” by Sia just has the most awesome piano riff and its the perfect canvas for Neon’s voice and Benny Blanco’s hard ass drums. I love how Neon is such a queen and a pop star but she’s still able to kill a little remix like this. I’m pretty sure she has more covers coming out…they are going to be crazy.


Beirut – “Scenic World”

I’ve been sampling this song a little bit. Beirut’s whole Gulag Orkestar album is so melodic and poppy, but it’s all Eastern European and folky. I could probably listen to that album every day, it really never gets old.