I don’t mess around with too much electronic music. Usually after about a minute of a pounding beat, pulsating synths, and no vocals, I start to get dizzy and feel like one of my eyes is going lazy and maybe my phone is vibrating in my pocket. It never is, because people know that I don’t pick up my phone and they have, for the most part, given up on trying to call me. But I had to hear what the hell was going to come out of a Beethoven remix. Even as I write this, those two words look weird sitting next to each other. This is a wild ride. I especially like the 1:25 mark.

I am a Chicago based producer, moving out to LA this August permanently. I am a nerd and I do this shit all day.

Beethoven is a huge influence. 2 days ago I listened to all 9 of his symphonies and his entire piano sonata collection. That is where I got the inspiration to do this. The complexities of classical music are simply unrivaled and nothing has come close since the greats wrote their compositions centuries ago. My aim as an electronic artist is to push the barrier of electronic music and use its inherent flexibility to try and craft compositions that play like classical music.

Both my parents are musicians in the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, so they also have had an influence on me as well.

Beethoven – Moonlight Sonata (Sound Remedy Remix)

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