The dangers of have already been laid out. It’s highly addictive, and if you’re a full-blown music fiend who also gets caught up in social networking nonsense, it could easily swallow up a good portion of your time, much like an attempt to get through as much of an HBO series as you can in one sitting. Hours later, you emerge from your feces covered nest and realize that the sun has moved a great distance*, if not completely disappeared, and that you have a beard.

But TTFM also has some benefits. If you’re lucky enough to join a room while some good DJ’s are spinning, you might discover some new music you like. Such is the case with Warm Brew. I had heard one cool track from them when Monster posted it last month, but while hanging out in TTFM, Marc from Mostly Junk Food played “Do Ya Feel Me,” and I immediately knew I needed more.

Turns out Warm Brew is an L.A. based crew who released a free EP earlier this summer. They’ve got a smooth, chilled out, sometimes funky sound that throws things back to Cali in the 90’s. Check this shit out while summer is still here.

Warm Brew – “Do Ya Feel Me”

Warm Brew – “Doin’ It Right”

*”Well, actually Confusion, the Earth revolves around the sun, so we’re the ones moving.” Shut up. I don’t believe in space.