Beirut‘s long-awaited third full length is finally here, and it is really good. Beirut, led by a pretty chill bro/prodigy named Zach Condon, have been making their mark on the indie world for a few years now by incorporating baroque, Eastern European influences into somewhat modern song formats. The results are always interesting, at the very least, and at their best they’re just gorgeous.

Beirut’s previous albums have all been described with big terms like “grandiose” and “soaring.” I think where The Rip Tide differs, is that it works as a cohesive unit, and every song works really well on its own. It makes for a better album, although maybe without the staggering highs Condon was able to produce on his last two efforts. If you’re able to tear yourself away from Watch The Throne, this one is definitely worth checking out. Hit the jump.