It’s crazy to think that J. Cole still hasn’t released an official album. He’s already one of the most respected young emcees to come out in years, and he’s established himself as an essential addition to the “currently listening to” lists of any lover of hip-hop music. Cole World: The Sideline Story comes out on September 27th, and to keep the hype building, the Roc Nation rapper has decided to give us a little something every Sunday. This week we’ve got a little 5-song EP.

1. Like A Star- Was saving this for the 2nd album. Due to some other shit beyond my control, I’ma let this out now.

2. Knock On Wood- One of my fav. freestyles. OG Dreamvillains gotta be reminded, new fans gotta get put on.

3. Pity- Brand new J. Cole, Omen, Voli. Produced by Voli @volitheentity

4. How High- at one point this was guaranteed to go on The Sideline Story.

5. Unabomber- Just heard this today for the first time in a longgg time. Love these raps.

Every Sunday til the album drops I’ll be back with something. Maybe just 1 song, maybe a video, depending on how I’m feeling.

September 27! We almost there. Until then…

Download Any Given Sunday #1

Love all yall,

Cole World