It’s the weekend (Friday and Saturday weekend, not “Thursday” Weeknd) which for me means catching up on all that I’ve missed from the previous week. Today that includes covering this new cut from Logic, who is a Maryland based rapper. “Young Sinatra II” is the title track and second single off his forthcoming sophomore mixtape entitled “Young Sinatra.”

This may feel familiar to you, and it should. We’re getting a pair of samples from Nas and AZ’s “Life’s A Bitch” and Lord Finesse’s “Hip 2 Da Game”, two jams nearly as old as Logic himself. It’s a fresh take on mid-90’s NYC hip-hop and Logic’s flow pays homage to that, whether intentional or not. In my mind almost reminiscent of the lyrical precision Jay-Z demonstrated on “Reasonable Doubt”. Almost.

Catch the video for “Young Sinatra II” after the jump.

Logic – “Young Sinatra II”