Want to impress your friends/acquaintances/strangers with your useless knowledge of music based facts? Well class, did you know that Sweden is the third biggest (after the US and the UK) exporter of music in the whole wide world? Pretty impressive for a country of just over 9 million (thank you Wikipedia) methinks.

One of those exports are Niki & the Dove, who we first heard about back at the end of last year with the grandiose sounds of “DJ, Ease My Mind”. Since then they’ve been slowly releasing new music and are now signed to forward looking Sub Pop whilst cementing their reputation as another Swedish act to break into the UK music scene, with a quirky and flamboyant take on pop with similarities to Bat For Lashes and The Knife. Listen to new song “Last Night”, and in case you missed it first time around give the glorious “DJ, Ease My Mind” a spin below. On top of that, hit the jump and you can grab the more propulsive “The Fox” in exchange for an email address. Do you like what you hear? If so, keep up with the band on Facebook, and if you’re UK based see if you can catch them live in October

Niki & The Dove – ‘Last Night’ by nmemagazine

Niki & the Dove – “DJ, Ease My Mind”