For the past two years, I’ve become pretty obsessed with music blogging while also doing this whole “school” thing. As graduation got closer and closer, the prospect of a full-time job and the inevitable slipping of Pigeons and Planes hung over my head like a giant black cloud pissing rain while shooting bolts of lightning at my passion.

I’ve been constantly seeking out ways to continue P&P while working full time. The ideas ranged from outlandish to straight up ridiculous. I even considered seeing if my mental health issues could possibly warrant a diagnosis of insanity and some kind of government check. Then I thought, “Man, that idea is so crazy that maybe I really am insane.” Then I ate my goldfish and spent the day roaming the streets with no pants on and having conversations with myself about Bobby Fischer and Charles Hamilton.

The most realistic option seemed to be selling P&P and letting other people run with it. I hated the idea, but there are points in your life when you realize that you’re chasing dreams that are moving faster than you are. At this point in my life, I couldn’t possibly dedicate the time and effort it takes to run a blog like P&P and also make enough money to survive, especially in New York City.

Over the short life of P&P, we’ve been steadily growing, getting better at what we do, developing an amazing following of some of the coolest and most loyal people around, building relationships, and earning a reputation as a trusted source for music. The blog has opened a lot of doors and created a lot of great opportunities, but this next step might be the best thing to ever happen to us (besides maybe the time Lindsay Lohan Tweeted about us).

One of those doors that has been opened is the door into Complex. The relationship between P&P and Complex started when we joined the Complex Media Network. A month or so before graduation, I approached them about a job, thinking that if I can’t do P&P full time, the next best thing is to try to work at another outlet that I’ve been a fan of for years. I’m not just kissing ass. Ask anyone I’ve known for years – I’ve always got a Complex in my backpack.

So I went into their offices a few times, we had a few meetings and discussions, and it seemed like a job at Complex was a good fit and a realistic option. I did, however, voice my disappointment that I’d have to step down from Pigeons and Planes. After mentioning that and wrapping things up, I took the the elevator down and was walking through the lobby when I got a text from EB:

“Noah wants you to come back up to his office.”

I had no idea what to expect. As a music fiend and longtime Complex fan, Noah is like a rock star to me. I’m already a pretty nervous, anxiety-ridden person who doesn’t deal well with uncertainty. Riding that elevator back up, my head boiling over with thousands of tiny question marks, was the longest elevator ride of my life.

I get into his office and Noah says, “What if you could work here full time and also form a partnership between Pigeons and Planes and Complex so you could run the blog from our office?” It was one of those “Oh, shit” moments in my life that I’ll never forget. My knee-jerk response was, in fact, “Oh, shit.” Pretty much everything I wanted, neatly laid out on a platter in front of me.

So here we are. This isn’t just some time-consuming hobby to obsess over anymore. I have a full time job in the Complex office, and part of that job is running P&P. Plus, now I’ve got some of the best people in the game to help develop the site and provide the resources and technical knowledge that I’ve always been hopelessly lacking.

I don’t use the term “a dream come true,” because most of my dreams involve Lykke Li and some strange things that probably aren’t legal and will surely never come true, but this whole arrangement is the realization of everything I’ve been hoping for during the past year – a chance to do what I love.

Thank you to everyone who has supported P&P, everyone who has contributed to its growth, and everyone who made it possible to get to this point. It means more than you know, and I am full of more appreciation than I can express through a blog post. Instead of this being the “Okay, I got a job, things are probably going to start slowing down around here” post that I’ve been dreading, this is the “Things are about to get even better” post. Just watch. Good talk – see you out there. Pigeons and Planes.