So far, Drive is the best movie of the year. This is a music blog, so I won’t say too much more on the subject, except that you should do everything in your power to see that shit. Along with the acting, writing and directing, a major standout of the film is its soundtrack. This is a music blog, so I will say more on that subject. It draws a lot on 80s soundtracks, filled with synths that, in another setting, could be considered cheesy but always just seem cool there. This song features heavily in the film, and I’ve been obsessed with it after hearing it for the first time. With some research I found it was not, in fact, a product of the 80’s. It’s a song from last year that I’m actually a little surprised slipped under my radar. I’m not sure if it’s because it’s become so entrenched in the movie for me, but it’s pretty much perfect. Check it out.

College – “A Real Hero” Ft. Electric Youth