Frank Ocean‘s post Nostalgia, Ultra release “Thinking About You” now has what is almost certainly an official video, directed by the masters of extremely well done unofficial videos, the High5Collective. It looks as if they’ve been brought on board by Mr Ocean for this fairly dark and confusing video – Pitchfork points out that he actually appears in it (as the doctor) and posted it on his Tumblr earlier today.

We can all see that Frank Ocean is a little bit different to the rest of OF, obviously he is a singer as opposed to a rapper, but where the rest of the gang love a good dose of shock-value, his is a more subtle kind of Oddness. Tyler probably would have had the horse mutate into a rabid bear, and the bed-ridden child get egged by bikini clad prostitutes (maybe I’ll make and unofficial video), but instead we’ve got this well-shot and moving clip, which I still don’t quite understand. Explanations, and how it links to the song on a postcard please.

Frank Ocean – Thinking About You (music video) from High5Collective on Vimeo.