Since taking over Epic Records, L.A. Reid has made some interesting moves. He signed internet sensation Karmin, Outkast (yup, new Outkast material will be coming), Ciara, and this guy Future. Karmin, Ciara, and Outkast all seem like pretty safe bets, but is this Future character really going to pan out to be anything more than a rapper with a couple of street certified, borderline ridiculous hits like “Tony Montana”?

Future is a rapper from Atlanta and so far, there isn’t anything too compelling about him. He came up in the Dungeon Family of ATL and his latest mixtape, Streetz Calling, is kind of what you might expect from a 2011 mixtape called Streetz Calling. As well executed as it is, it’s not very original, and overall there’s nothing about it that stands out to make one think “this guy has next.”

But every now and then, a glimmer of something special comes through. It’s hard to place, but that “it” factor usually is. On “Itchin,” off Mike Will’s upcoming tape, Future concocts a hypnotic, slightly melodic flow that hits perfectly. The chorus leaves a little to be desired, but this track is dope and has me thinking that maybe L.A. Reid made a good call. What do you think? Check it out.

Future – “Itchin'”