And for your third album stream of the day, I give you Father, Son, Holy Ghost, the second album from two man indie-rock band Girls. These guys have a pretty incredible (bordering on unbelievable) back story, which includes one member growing up as part of the Children of God religious cult, heavy drug addiction and finally being saved by philanthropist millionaire Stanley Marsh 3. Luckily for us, Christopher Owens and Chet White met each other in San Francisco and recorded 2009’s lo-fi, but catchy melody filled debut album…Album.

And now they are back with a new album, which is released September 13th (pre-order here) and is shaping up to by rather wonderful, with everything from stripped back acoustic jams, to bigger stadium filling tunes and the same surf-rock guitars and Beach Boys indebted melodies which made their debut such a pleasure to listen to. Father, Son, Holy Ghost can be streamed in it’s entirety over at Hype Machine here. And if you haven’t already, grab the powerful new album track “Vomit” below.

Girls – “Vomit”

UPDATE: If the Hype Machine Player doesn’t work for you, head over to PMA to stream the album…

DOUBLE UPDATE: Scrap that, don’t go anywhere, just hit the jump for the full album stream!