It is safe to say that with this track and first single “Civilization” from new album “Audio, Video, Disco”, Justice are confounding the expectations of many of their fans who just want more straight up, aggressive electro-house madness a la “Phantom” or “Stress“. They brought something new to the party with their 2007 debut album, and who knows, maybe they’re so far ahead of us again with this almost prog-rock sound, that by the time we fully appreciate it, they’ll be on to a third alum of clavichord backed religious chants. Or maybe not.

Anyway, “Audio, Video, Disco” is the title track, and second single from their album which¬† is scheduled to drop 25th October. This single and accompanying remixes will be released September 19th on Ed Banger. Have Justice lost their magic touch, or are they set to change up the game again?

(Some Kind Of Awesome)