Kyla La Grange has already proven herself with pop-folk songs infused with the spirit of epic anthems. The driving force of her music is steered by a powerful voice that never fails to surprise, especially when you consider that it’s coming from the doe-eyed, delicate-featured, blonde songstress from London.

Leopard Of Honor is the work of fellow UK artist David Roocroft, who’s taken “Lambs” and dragged it into a dark, wet cave for this chilling remix. Instead of the voice being the dominating factor, this version sees the vocals distorted, mirrored, echoed, and almost struggling throughout. It’s an interesting change of pace.

Kyla is set to release ‘Heavy Stone’ as a double A-side on the independent label Chess Club records. The single will officially be released on October 17th, but grab it for free now, while you still can.

Kyla La Grange – ‘Lambs’ (Leopard of Honour remix)