Am I the only one that’s hoping for a properĀ Charles Hamilton comeback? It’s sometimes painful rooting for the kid. Just take the song below. The 9th Wonder beat kicks in and you’re about to get into it, then verse one strikes: “Ross and Jeezy suck Jigga dick.” Cringe. He keeps this kind of thing going throughout the song, even saying something about Waka Flocka fucking a fish, which… whatever, that’s a hot line.

I mean, I don’t know, Hamilton’s an interesting character, and part of what makes him interesting is probably his unpredictability. But at this point, after all that he’s been through (drugs, mental institutions, being punched in the face on YouTube), wouldn’t the most unpredictable (and most rewarding) thing he could do be to create focused, coherent material that doesn’t blur realities with far-too-detailed cartoon references, obscure themes, and controversy?

Still, I’m a Charles Hamilton fan. I hope I can be more proud of that one day. Through his dozens of mixtapes over his short but prolific career, he’s shown glimpses of brilliance, and I was one of those people who, after hearing Outside Looking, was convinced that this passionate weirdo has next. Little did I know how complicated the story of Charles Hamilton would get.

Charles Hamilton – “CATS Said I Could Diss You (9th Is Cool Tho)”

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