This is Anthem? The guy who made this? These days, if you flip an indie hit into a catchy rap song, you’re in trouble of being thrown into the mix with a sizable camp of new school rappers that value the chorus more than the verse, the Wiz Khalifa mash-up more than the Big L freestyle. Nothing wrong with that, different strokes for different folks, right? But it’s always surprising to hear an artist introduce a new side.

We’ve only heard a few songs from Anthem, but so far he’s flipped some good indie rock/pop songs into some catchy hip-hop. For “Survival Of The Fittest,” he takes a drastically different approach and shows off a lyrical side and an appreciation for that golden era hip-hop. Check him out over Mobb Deep’s “Survival Of The Fittest.” Shoutout to Manhattan.¬†Anthem is still building up his body of work, but it’s good to see this side of him.

Anthem-Survival of the Fittest (AMG)