I’m not sure I get what’s going on with this, but here’s the deal. It’s being reported that on Tuesday, BET’s “106 & Park” will debut the official video for Beyoncé‘s single “Party.” It will feature André 3000 J. Cole. Wait, what? Cole for André seems like an unfair swap to me. Case study, lyrical comparison.

André –

Set the scene / three thousand degrees
Ain’t worried ’bout them f-ck ni**as over there / but they worried ’bout me
I got a homeboy named Butta and another homeboy / that ni**a named Cheese
F-ck wit’ me baby / I make it milk ’til it drip down yo’ knees

J. Cole –

We out in Abu Dhabi / we like to party
We don’t cause trouble / we just ride Bugatti
Bad chicks, shawty / sorta resemble Sadé
Imported her in from Raleigh / and pulled up into the Valet

Milk dripping down the knees versus sorta resembling Sadé. Case closed.

Beyoncé ft. J. Cole – “Party”