We’ve been big fans of The Kickdrums for a long time at P&P and they continue their great run of indie tracks featuring rappers with this remix of LA duo Hot As Sun featuring the reliably dope Freddie Gibbs, who was also featured on their excellent The Ghost Mixtape. The Kickdrums were hip-hop producers before becoming a band, and their restrained reworking of the original “Come Come” just adds some menacing horns, bouncy strings and abit of hip-hop swagger, without losing any of the spaced-out melancholy vibe of the original.

I had never heard the original song, or heard of Hot As Sun and their reverb filled slightly psychedelic indie (which I am now enjoying as I write this), but had I heard it before this remix I would have never believed it could be successfully switched up into a hip-hop feature, and even now I am super impressed with the ability of everyone involved in creating this great track. There is one problem though, The Kickdrums have added a little electronic bloop in there, which is just like the sound of a contact coming on to Skype, meaning I keep being brutally tricked into thinking I have friends…

I don’t.

So, listen to the remix below, check out Hot As Sun’s most recent EP on their Bandcamp and hit the jump to download this top track in exchange for nothing more than your soul (or email address).

Hot As Sun Ft. Freddie Gibbs – “Come Come (The Kickdrums Remix)”