It’s not too often that¬†Pitchfork¬†acts as a hip-hop source. Besides the regular chosen ones they cover on the norm, most of their posts on the genre tend to be either highly intellectual, like “we’re not sure we belong in this conversation, so let’s use big words and abstract ideas to throw people off” or really out-of-place, like when a new Drake featuring Lil Wayne song leaks shadily and they post it, complete with old pictures and no information of value.

But they came through on this one. “Too Cool” is the kind of thing that could have appeal to both real hip-hop heads and those looking for a little more innovation. King Louie’s got a solid flow that rolls out and, while it doesn’t really convey much of a message, it’s a nice stream of cool word sequences and nonchalant delivery. That alone might not be enough to put this one over the edge, but paired with those video game bleeps over the hard bass drum? Okay, Pitchfork, you’re right about this one.

King Louie – “Too Cool”