Obviously The Weeknd has been paying close attention to how to maintain his mystique, as he’s once again tweeted something without any explanation. This time it was a link to a track titled “Different” by an individual named Omari Shakir, who appears to be affiliated with the OVOXO movement. Omari gives no real information on his own Twitter account, but from reading it we do learn that today is his mom’s birthday. So happy birthday, Omari’s mom!

As the title suggests, the track is definitely different in that it utilizes some sounds more likely to be found in Asian music than in hip-hop. Just as The Weeknd often channels an ominous vibe, Shakir isn’t going for anything close to a party starter with “Different.” Stream the track below and hit the jump for an older one titled “Like A Book,” also by Omari Shakir.

Hit the jump to listen to the song and watch the trippy visuals, which may or may not be the official video…

Bonus: Here’s an older track called “Like A Book”

Omari Shakir – “Like A Book”