This is meant to be a post about the new Phantogram track, but all I really want to talk about is how hot I think Sarah Barthel is. I’ll quickly do both and then move on to something that may or may not involve trying to track down her address so I can casually stop by with my pants off send her flowers.

“Don’t Move” will be included on the forthcoming LP Nightlife, which is scheduled to release November 1st. The album will also feature a tune called “16 Years”, a song the group performed live in the Moog Studios recently. You can gawk at that and view the rest of the track list after the jump.

Phantogram – “Don’t Move”


MOOG SOUND LAB: Phantogram “16 Years” from Moog Music on Vimeo.

Below are the six tracks to be featured on Nightlife.

01 16 Years

02 Don’t Move

03 Turning Into Stone

04 Make A Fist

05 Nightlife

06 A Dark Tunnel