Urban Outfitters is making a Music Shop. It will showcase fifteen different instruments with prices ranging from $70 – $800. Now, if you were UO, how would you celebrate this? Yep, get Neon Indian to play the instruments. It’s like the branding and marketing just handles itself.

As far as the instruments? They sound trippy as fuck, which explains UO’s upcoming LSD stickers campaign. Just kidding, UO isn’t selling drugs (eat their stickers).

This month, Urban Outfitters launches The UO Music Shop offering a range of instruments from brands including Moog, Korg, Vox, and Pignose. Alongside exclusive vinyl, headphones, and turntables, the Music Shop will offer a Moog Slim Phatty Synthesizer, Vox Series 22 Guitar, Korg Tabletop Grand Piano, and a selection of amps. The single oscillator instrument uses two metal rod antennas to control pitch and amplitude and features a five octave pitch range.

Y’okay. Hit the jump to watch Neon Indian play these things…

Neon Indian Plays The UO Music Shop from Urban Outfitters on Vimeo.