It’s no secret, this is one of my go-to songs. The only reason why MJ’s “Will You Be There” aka “The Free Willy Song” isn’t on every single one of my mixes is because it’s so long. I always try to tack it on at the end, and time is the only thing that determines whether or not it makes the cut. Dozens of my mixes finish with “Will You Be There.” ┬áIt’s a great way to end a mix, because no matter what was playing for the past hour and 15 minutes,”The Free Willy Song” will finish things off strong and leave you feeling like a fucking hero.

Conner Youngblood has covered the song with his signature style of soft layers–a little piano, a little banjo, and no drawn out intro. Good stuff.

Will You Be There (Michael Jackson cover, duh) by Conner Youngblood


Download the track here. Hit the jump to see Conner’s beautiful artwork that he made himself…