UPDATE: Everything below is false. Read the update post here.

Big news: Earl Sweatshit has returned, according to Tyler, The Creator. A fan on Formspring asked Tyler if it was true that Earl was back. Tyler answered, “yeah he is, he landed in LA the other day.” Then a Twitter conversation ensued:

Sage Elsessor tweeted: “So glad Thebe is back!!! Yay!”

Tyler, The Creator responded: “Me Too! You Gotta Get Home To See Him!”

Sage: @fucktyler dude. I heard he already has Earl vol 2 ready!!!

Tyler: @SageElsesser Hahaha Nah, But We’re In The Stu Right Now.

So there it is. Barring this being some kind of joke (which wouldn’t be a huge surprise), Earl Sweatshirt is back. Ever since we found him, things have ballooned for the OFWGKTA crew. Odd Future went from an underground sensation to one of the most talked about acts in music, and the missing presence of Earl–the young spitter who has already drawn Nas comparisons and been given the title of a prodigy–has somehow managed to be a major part of the whole thing.

It’s going to be very interesting to see how this turns out, if it’s true.