Over 8 years after his death, an unreleased Elliott Smith song has surfaced.

The Washington Post explains:

One afternoon in 1997, an emerging 27-year-old singer-songwriter named Elliott Smith performed at WMUC-FM, the student run radio station at the University of Maryland, College Park. The station regularly hosted punk and indie acts on its live-in-the-studio Third Rail Radio program and Smith’s performance wasn’t anything out of the ordinary — just him and his guitar, playing around 10 songs in WMUC’s unadorned recording studio on the fourth floor of South Campus Dining Hall.

Before the performance was broadcast, Smith played a front-porch-folky song called “Misery Let Me Down.” It’s just two minutes long and ends abruptly, and few have heard it since 1997. That’s because it’s been missing for more than a decade.

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