This is one of those quirky songs that are so weird, off-beat and loveable you might want to hate it, just because it’s so easy to be loved in that quirky-indie-song way. I initially thought I might write it off, until I got to the brazenly earnest chorus, which is where everything comes snapping into focus in this song so well that it’s really preposterous to ignore. Relatable, catchy and sad all at once, Emperor X made himself a staple in about 15 seconds.

Emperor X is the solo project of a guy named C.R. Matheny, he’s been doing this for 12 years. His music is described as “rave folk.” It’s described as other things too, but I like that the one best. Apparently he likes geocaching, and buried 41 cassettes of the album this track is found on, Western Teleport, across America and most remain undiscovered. So I guess if you like what you hear, get digging.

Emperor X – “Erica Western Teleport”

(Tune The Proletariat)