Phlo Finister has all the makings of the next buzz artist, and she seems to know it, too. She told the LA Times:

“Urban fan bases need to be revolutionized. I think it can be authentic and classic, but it can have a new spin. People are copying so much these days, it’s hard to separate. What I’m doing, I want to be more innovative for my generation. I want to make a classic R&B, but the R&B that I’m making is going to be more avant garde.”

Her whole aesthetic is a thing that will have some people jumping on board and will leave others scratching their head. In today’s climate, that’s usually the way to go. Without an entire segment of the potential audience left confused and out of the loop, the conversation dies down and artists seem to get nowhere. Phlo’s new EP relies heavily on sounds from the past, but listening to “Bang Bang,” it’s impossible to ignore that she’s onto something undeniably fresh. Check out her EP below.