Wes Period is a young dude with some catchy songs in the form of his new Friendly Fire EP. On first listen, it seems like mostly feel-good rhymes sprinkled with Weezy-esque giggles, and it is. But Wes also offers glimpses of honesty, dropping lines like, “Never try to fit in, I just forget that I’m different/High school loser with a can’t-lose spirit.” While his first single “True Love” is sure to suck in some young fans that just want something fun to bop along to (or whatever kids do these days, probably not “bop,”) it’s songs like “Couldn’t Care” that caught my attention. We teamed up with the horrible people at Mostly Junk Food to bring you his latest.

The Friendly Fire EP is a collection of 4 songs all which are inspired by and sample the English band Friendly Fires with production from a great upcoming production team in LoveWa[R]evoltuion. The EP also features a music video for “True Love” with plans for at least one more video and possibly a video for each track featured on the EP.

Hit the jump to watch a video and check the entire project…

Wes Period – Friendly Fire EP