Halloween is over, but I would be lying if I ever said I needed an excuse to play some borderline scary music. I’m not too sure who Estasy is. I know it’s a him, he is from Rome, and he’s got an album on the way called┬áLocus Solus. Past that, I’ve got nothing except for this song. And this is quite a song.

You have to listen to really get a feel for the piercing overtones and muffled background, a bizzare dichotomy that comes from a quiet choir, even guitars and one keening voice over the rest of it, singing something I’m not even going to try to interpret as words. There’s also a cat yowling at the end. It’s pretty unsettling at first, but it’s tough not to listen to a second, or third time. And once it’s eventually on repeat the track seems a little more comforting than scary, however the fuck that works.

Estasy – “Wild Wants”