As 2011 comes to a close, we can reflect on how hip-hop is starting to shift. Ever since Kanye West opened up onĀ 808s & Heartbreak, it seems like getting “real,” getting “emotional,” and getting “real emotional” is becoming more and more acceptable in the usually calloused genre of rap music. With Drake’s Take Care and Childish Gambino’s Camp, that trend of letting the guard down and showing vulnerability seems to be changing the stereotypes of what popular rappers can and should be talking about.

Not so fast. Enter a collaborative album from Gucci Mane and V-Nasty, absurdly ignorant enough to offset all that sensitivity that hip-hop started to feel towards the end of 2011. BAYTL comes out December 13th. Also here their first single, “Whip Appeal.”

I don’t know, guys. What do we do? Do we hate it? Do we love it ironically? Do we just ignore it and hope it goes away?

“Fuck you, bitch fuck yo mama too.” – V-Nasty, 2011

Gucci Mane & V-Nasty – “F**k You” feat. Slim Dunkin