Finding success as an artist in the music industry has arguably never been more difficult than it is present times. There used to be some level of guarantee that once you were “discovered”, you were set for at least a few album releases, tours and fame without the threat of new up and coming talent nipping at your heels. Long gone are the days of genres being dominated by a small handful of manufactured acts. Products of the machine that had the major label dollars, guidance and support to enjoy a lengthy career. Today anyone can try to be a star. Feel like being famous? Audition for any number of the ridiculous talent competitions that air on network TV three hours a night, five nights a week. Mastered a cover of that new Rihanna song? Better toss that shit up on YouTube, BandCamp, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook and Myspace. The “talent” pool is so overcrowded these days people are drowning in it.

So what does it take to really make it in the music business? Same thing it takes to make it in any business, diversification and the ability to adapt. A damn good singing voice doesn’t hurt either. Enter Kevin Writer. Kevin is a self-taught musician (piano, drums, guitar), singer-songwriter and producer from Detroit, MI who decided to take a crack at a solo career after opening for Mariah Carey on her 27 city US tour in 2010. Self-produced and released, Before The Ink Dries is the result of that effort, a body of work that Writer has tagged as “alternative dirty soul”. There are a handful of familiar samples on here from artists such as M83 (“Air” / “Midnight City” below), Jai Paul and Drake, that have been slightly reworked to fit the album’s mood and flow. You’ll also catch features form The New Boyz and Nick Cannon who manages Writer. In the interest of full disclosure, this release will likely be of most interest to R&B fans and those who have taken a liking to the Drizzy, Frank Ocean or Ne-Yo flavor of music.

Catch a few sample tracks below. If you feel good about them hit the jump for a DL link and video of Kevin Writer covering T-Pain and Lily Allen’s “5 O’Clock in the Morning”.

Kevin Writer – “Air”

Kevin Writer – “Simple”

Download Before The Ink Dries HERE

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