The above face is the face that I’d picture Joey making if someone asked him last year to do a song in which he was singing on it majority of the time. Shit, it’s also the same face I made when I heard that he was singing on this record. But after listening, shit is dope!

I remember seeing Joey tweeting about making a group called Summer Leather Vests this summer while him & a group of his friends were playing kick ball. Majority of the Summer Leather Vests roster do not make any type of music what so ever. Just check below.

Ok so let me give you guys the back story on “SLV.” SLV stands for Summer Leather Vests…and is compromised of a bunch of people on Paradise Records. Paradise Records doesn’t actually exist, and 90% of the group aren’t musically inclined at all…but it still works. LOL! We formed the group over the summer while always playing around with music at Joe’s house (aka “Paradise”, hence “Paradise Records,”) and decided it would be fun if we made some odd singing group, a la Cocaine 80′s, that never really made appearances but would just be some fun for the internet. Thus, SLV was born. Joe and singer Emanny are the main (and usually only) vocalists on the songs, while Dub B, Parks and Caron made all the beats from scratch (with live instruments!). Yaris did one bar one time. LOL and the rest of us did nothing but sit in on sessions. “Unison” was the first song recorded and to think of Joe singing, you’d think it sounds crazy but it’s really good! Listen below and share your thoughts.

Summer Leather Vests – “Unison”