You might not know his name yet, but Dj Carnage is a motherfucking legend in the making. He’s the kind of guy that makes you want to support anything he has a part in. He’s the kind of guy that makes you want to speak about him only in extreme hyperbole. During a time when social media rules everything around us, Dj Carnage is in a position to win.

He linked up with Theophilus London through Twitter (@djcarnage), bringing Theo on board for a Kreayshawn song he produced, and the result was the off-the-wall “Shrimp Pt. 2.”┬áThat’s where we first heard him, and he’s followed up with production for other artists and infectiously fun solo tracks like “Loaded,” which confirm that he belongs on our refrigerator list of producers to watch out for. From what he reveals in the interview, it sounds like he’s got some other shit lined up which should put him on a few more radars.

Sure, Al Gore invented the internet, but what you didn’t know: he was listening to vintage Dj Carnage when he did it. Other truths:

– When Twitter makes improvements, first they consult Carnage.
– Once Carnage met Zuckerberg and Mark teared up and bowed in submission.
– Carnage is the house DJ for mother nature.
– Carnage is not limited by Newton’s law of gravity–he just chooses to abide by it.
– If you ever look Dj Carnage in the eyes, you will have a lifetime of good fortune and successful crop seasons.
– For every negative thought that Carnage has, 3,000 spirits move from Heaven to Hell.

We talked to the legend, asking him about when he started producing, how his Theophilus/Kreayshawn track came about, and the rumor that he was born with wings.