Vince Staples is somehow associated with Odd Future, but I couldn’t get a handle on what the connection is in the 15 seconds my attention span could handle the “vince staples odd future” Google search.┬áRegardless, with lines like

“Never did believe in Christ, because in pictures he was white”

it’s easy to see where some similarities come into play. Staples is a fantastic rapper, he’s a got a vicious delivery that doesn’t sacrifice any lyrical dexterity.

The real star here, however, is the Michael Uzowuru beat. The young producer already had me sold on his abilities with his Paisley Palm Trees beat tape (which you can grab below), but this is starting to elevate his game to another level. Grinding drums, simple distorted pianos and a hell of a lot of texture combine to create an incredibly hard beat that seems to evolve with every verse. Already on repeat.

Vince Staples & Michael Uwozuru – “Versace Rap”

Mixtape: Michael Uzowuru – Paisley Palm Trees