Yesterday, The National stopped by CBC Radio’s Q show, and took the opportunity to show off a couple of new songs. They also brought along special guest and collaborator Justin Vernon of Bon Iver. The beloved pair of indie idols joined forces for a performance of  The National’s “Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks,” with Vernon lending his trademark falsetto to the mix.

Vernon also sat down for an extensive interview. He discussed his controversial Grammy comments (he still stands behind them), his controversial liquor endorsement (he did it because his dad is a fan of whiskey), and Kanye West’s controversial Taylor Swift stage invasion (he thinks Kanye was right about that Beyonce video). It’s 18 minutes long, but definitely worth watching – he’s a really funny guy who has a great outlook on music. Check out the performance and conversation, below.

Also check out the interview with Justin Vernon, in which he talks about Kanye West and the Grammys: