In conversation of Spotify, Grooveshark, and other streaming services, The Black Keys have popped up a lot as one of the few bands openly opposing the new free streaming trend. In this clip, Patrick Carney explains the band’s stance, and shares why they’ve decided to block the streaming of their new album El Camino on streaming sites.

“Its becoming more popular, but its still isnt to a point where you’re able to kind of replace royalties from record sales with the royalties from streams. So it felt kind of unfair to people who purchased our album to just allow people to go on the website and stream the album whenever they wanted. I think for unknown bands and smaller bands it’s a really good thing,” Carney adds before explaining, “There’s a lot of stuff about some of these services that people don’t really know. It’s kind of set up to be a little bit more fair for the labels than it is for the artists, I think.”

It’s not a simple issue. When bands speak out against things like file sharing, they risk becoming an enemy of the people who, by nature, love free shit. But with labels and streaming services benefiting and artists not seeing a reward, they’ve got a point. What do you think?