It’s fun to introduce babies to new things, just to see what they’ll do. What will baby’s reaction be when baby sees the ocean for the first time? What will baby do when we put an insect in front of baby? Will baby instinctively know to avoid the fire in baby’s path? It’s all so exciting. From their late childhood all the way through their seventies, humans are pretty dull and predictable—so much so that even “reality” television has to be scripted.

Somewhere during senility, however, things start to get interesting again. Older folks stop caring, lose touch, and the world is once again all new. How will grandma react when we put her in the ocean? What will grandma do when we put this insect on her? Does grandma know her flaming sweater is something to fear?

Or, in this case, what will grandma do when we play dubstep for her?