Deltron II? Yes. It sounds like Del has been through a lot lately, but he gives us a full, 14 minute update on what’s been going on in his life, how he feels about dubstep (5:50), and what he’s working on. During this update, he casually mentions that Delton Event II is finished.

Dzl has been under the radar for a while recouping from a series of sicknesses and loss of his brother. He is here in the flesh to thank everybody for sticking with him and supporting him through the last few months and apologizes for having to cancel tour twice (2:10) and speaks on his cousin Ice Cube. He shares that Deltron Event II is DONE and will be released soon (3:30), Chuck D, and that he has two new mixtapes he will be giving away soon along with a lot of other upcoming projects both futuristic and classic sounding (8:12). Check it out!