Finally, some rock beef. At the top of 2012, we wished that rockers would follow the rapper strategy of mixtape releases, but beef is another thing that artists outside of hip-hop just never seemed to “get.” It’s not that we actually hope for drama among musicians, but there’s something about a competitive spirit and a willingness to speak up that resonates and somehow makes the music scene a little more lively. Rock needs that right now.

A couple of days ago, drummer Patrick Carney of The Black Keys basically called Nickelback a shitty band, expressing his dissatisfaction that it’s generally accepted now days that “the biggest rock band in the world” will always be shitty.┬áNow Nickelback has responded:

Nickelback probably hasn’t engaged in beef before, but a word of advice: don’t end your responses with “Hehe.” Round one goes to Carney.