One of the best music videos of the year so far? It’s not your typical band-rocking-out clip that shows off how cool the band is, but it’s a thought-provoking video (even if that thought is “What the fuck?”) with a unique concept. Stream the Cloud Nothings‘ album Attack On Memory here, and read an excerpt from an interview with the director below, courtesy of Urban Outfitters, explaining how the ended up picking Mike Gassaway, the star of the vid:

I posted an ad on Craigslist, and thought we were just going to get some weirdo with a fetish and we would have to force them to do stuff and it would be just an awkward experience. So I put an ad saying I wanted an older actor, male or female, who looked between 40 and 65. And they had to be able to really act. Because the shot for the most part of the video is on their face and they are looking directly in the lens, looking the audience in the eyes, so they have to be able to emote. If they’re not thinking any thoughts, then the audience isn’t getting any information.