This is a fan-made video for the M83-sampling “The End Of The World” track off Lupe Fiasco‘s Friend Of The People mixtape. According to an activist named Arthur, he made the video from footage of the Occupy Wall Street movement. The video was blocked by YouTube for over a month. It is now available to watch. From Arthur:

“I shot and edited everything but the Wall Street sign at the beginning, most of the police and rally footage was from the mass arrests on the Brooklyn Bridge in early October but I spent 2 weeks at Occupy Wall Street in late September early October and there is footage from that whole time.

I was very involved in the 3 week Wisconsin Capitol occupation last year that was instrumental in the foundation of the Occupy movement. Since then I have been doing a lot of documentational video work on the corrupt dealings of Scott Walker and his crew. Then when Occupy got started I went out there to do what I could.”

I asked him why his video was taken down from YouTube and he answered:

“I don’t know, there were plenty of other youtube videos that had the exact same song with just a picture or words, and mine was automatically flagged upon upload for copyright violation of the sample.”

In other news, Lupe announced that he has an album with Pharrell “coming soon,” so stay on the lookout for that. Watch “The End Of The World” video below.