Unless if you live under a rock buried underneath 23,234 feet of soil that’s had a mega-mall built on top of it, then you’ve surely heard the Gorillaz/André 3000/James Murphy collaboration track for Converse, “DoYaThing.” It’s been confirmed that this energetic new track is only just a small taste of the real thing; a 12-minute version will debut on Gorillaz’s website.

Despite the fact that the three are fairly big names in the world of music, they all seemed to work well in the studio. In a recent interview with Pitchfork, Damon Albarn and James Murphy described their time together in the studio as well as the recording process of “DoYaThing.” Murphy of the late LCD Soundsystem found André to be “incredibly sweet and cool in a really normal way” and it was “totally refreshing to go to Damon [Albarn]’s studio.” Albarn also agreed that they “were comfortable with each other immediately.”

In describing what the process was like, Albarn said, “It’s live: I’m playing guitar, the drum machine is going, James is playing bass, and André just goes off. And what he’s saying just gets more and more ridiculous. It finished on its own will, we really had nothing to do with it.” The 12-minute version supposedly has Andre saying “I’m the shit” a lot, which was inspired by a story told by Albarn about the way people passively brag about their work, and the result was “just basically André riffing on that idea.”

For those who are wishing for another collaboration with the big three, Albarn confirms that “there are no plans yet, but I certainly would do it again. If we’d have had two weeks, we could have made a whole record, I’m sure of it.”

Head over to Pitchfork to read the rest of their interview with Damon Albarn and James Murphy.