In case you still need more “N*ggas in Paris” after hearing it 7+ times at the Watch the Throne Tour, we’ve got this for you. Thanks to some good, old-fashioned videojacking, you’ve got a whole new way to experience the hit. Now whilst listening to how Jay and ‘Ye do Paris, you get to watch how some real parisians do Paris. Using retrofitted fires extinguishers as an improvised paint delivery system is pretty much the dictionary definition of going gorillas as far as I’m concerned. Frankly, if you escaped what they’ve escaped, you’d probably be in Paris tagging trains with Kanye lyrics too.

“Videojacking: Action of stealing a music video, an audiovisual work, even before the artist asked for itself, ordered, undertook, realized, and even thought about it.”

These visuals are going to be hard to beat, but look out for the official video tomorrow.

UPDATE: This video has been made private, probably due to issues with the record label. Will update if it’s made public again.