This is major. After a week plus of speculation and debate, we now know who will record along side the Gorillaz in this latest installment of Converse’s “Three Artists. One Song” campaign. Many guessed that a member of Outkast would fill in at least one of these mysterious silhouettes from an earlier image. Those calling for André 3000 will be very pleased. While his counterpart Big Boi will not be participating, former LCD Soundsystem frontman James Murphy should more than suffice as an alternate.

The Sun’s Bizzare blog reports that the free single, available February 23rd, will be titled “DoYaThing” and that, “It’s a great song with a beat similar to tracks on last Gorillaz album Plastic Beach.” Also adding, “Damon must have been inspired by André because he raps rather than sings the opening two verses himself. James then sings on a chorus before André takes over, singing and rapping in impressive fashion.” Sounds fascinating.