New video/track from the Odd Future crew. Tyler, Hodgy and Domo jump on a Left Brain-produced track. Typical Odd Future fare on all accounts here, so if you’re into that, this might be your shit. Tyler seems to think the video is on some next level, Spike Jonze-type shit – I think he’s probably right and while a lot of people are going to read this as typical absurdism from the young filmmaker, there may be alternate readings.

For example, many people might see Tyler dressed as a female centaur and think “Oh, crazy Tyler! He’s so wacky!” But he’s not being wacky, it’s a cry for help from someone trapped in a non-traditional lifestyle. He wants to be that mystical horse creature; he’s trapped in a life of fame, the freedom he prized so much is no longer readily available so he wants to run. What creature can run? The horse. The fans, paparazzi and expectations are weighing him down and he just needs to escape. Another thing the centaur represents? Goodness. Anyone who’s picked up a Harry Potter knows centaurs are essentially good, and now Tyler is clearly getting away from the dark, intensely personal themes that characterized Bastard¬†and made him, in his words, a Goblin. He wants to move to a more whimsical, happy form, and clearly the powerful centaur is the choice he’s made.

Odd Future might seem thoughtless on the outside, but their rapscallion antics are filled with symbolism and mythology if you care to look.